Devil's Hideout - Italy US SF reenactment event with story.\ october 2009.

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Devil's Hideout - Italy US SF reenactment event with story. october 2009.

Mensaje por Tomahawk el Lun Dic 14, 2009 12:21 am

These are some pics and a Video made by the people organized and that took part to this event.
This is one of the first event that want to bring together all the people addicted to SF equipment (the event restricted to replicas Smile ), and reenactors from allover the "Italian Boot".

This time was the event was placed in Emilia Romagna. Close to Parma. (you can check on google). - Precisely in Castel D'aiano.

It would be great if a day these events were made internationally and took part the best reenactors (of both Opposing forces (afghans tribal insurgents, Iraqi insurgents, or others, and Special forces, rangers , USMC Army sf, CCT and Pjs...and so on).

This are some of the links: ... r_embedded

Troops were also from the "italian association" of UKSF fans at the event to cooperate with the US SF still few at the moment.

In this topic you can find from the first to the last post pics from all the people took part to the event. ... ight=Devil


Let me know what you think and what you think to open a big market between us France, Italy, Spain, Gb (why not on Facebook or somewhere else) now is possible to create private social networks by the use of a social network designer.
I understand UKwannabe exist already but it is so strict and smells of racism and intollerance that cannot be considered as an option.

What do you guys think of events like these, do you think that events like this one can be international? etcc have you got ideas?

If you write in spanish it's not a problem
I get it 95 percent.

(sorry if I copied and pasted this message from other forums it's just about having an idea and spreading the word).

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Re: Devil's Hideout - Italy US SF reenactment event with story.\ october 2009.

Mensaje por County el Lun Dic 14, 2009 9:06 pm

Hey Tomahawk, the first video and the link to softairmania doesn´t works.But the second video looks amazing, the level of equipment of you guys is really high!!!

It would be amazing to play with you guys in a near future, but personally I´m actually out of money hahaha, but as I said , hope to play with you people soon!!! A social network such as Facebook for airsofters will be a great point.

Best regards


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